VERTICAL TMR MIXER PANDA 2m³ Electrical - Shaft

For livestock breeders with a maximum number of animals of around 25-30, this feed mixer 2m³ model, will bring the meat and milk production to an excellent level.
The unit has the ability to be used in a very practical way with a 3-point hitch system.
Operators without tractors also have the option of operating with 380 Volt.
Our fixed and mobile feed mixers have long-life knives on a specially designed augers.
All components of our fixed and mobile feed mixers are specially designed and do not require long service.

Model PANDA-D 2 (Shaft) PANDA-D 2 (Electric)
Capacity (m³) 2 m³ 2 m³
Length (cm) 190 190
Width (cm) 170 170
Height (cm) 150 150
Power (hp) 35 hp 7,5 kW (380 V)
Number of knives 5 5
Tires size 16x6.50-8(170/60-8) 16x6.50-8(170/60-8)
Weight (kg) 480 480
Number of Cows which can be fed with one load 25-30 25-30
Weighing system Optional Optional
Loading bucket Optional Optional