Mulcher for the Collection of Pruning Residues Wood Chipper

Tutkun CEYLAN mulchers are mounted machines fitted to the three-point-linkage of the rearhydraulic lift of the tractor. Ideal for collection, mulching and storage of vine shoots and pruning residues of vineyards, orchards and olive groves. Unique for the big- bags - made of special transpiring material – which make the mulched product naturally dry. The CEYLAN mulchers give the opportunity to treat the pruning residues properlyto collect them for energetic purposes. The CEYLAN range is provided with a pick-up device for the lifting of pruning residues avoiding the incoming of grass, stones and earthinto the inner mulching chamber.
  CEYLAN Mulcher for the Collection of Pruning Residues Wood Chipper  
  Working Width 175 cm    
  Total Width 180 cm    
  Length 230 cm    
  Height 215 cm    
  Weight 1200 kg    
  PTO 540 r/h    
  Rotor Working speed 1800-2000 rpm    
  Tractor Working speed 5-10 km/h    
  Hydraulic power supply Tractor    
  Power Requirement min 55 hp    
  Shredder Blade Type Blade    
  Number of shredder blades 20    
  Shredder Rotor Width 140cm    
  Tire size 16,5x6,5-80