Beach Cleaning Machine

TUTKUN Tractor-towed beach cleaning machine, ideal to be used with 4-wheel drive tractors, it is perfect for cleaning of dry-wet sandy areas (beaches, golf courses bunkers, playgrounds,  etc).
The vibrating screen system, the interchangeable sieves with various meshes and the high-frequency vibration allow the full sieving of the sand loaded by the blade, separating the waste which will fall into practical steel container emptied hydraulically.
The roller is equipped with springs which allow the fast disintegration of the sand, also if wet, and increase the speed of cleaning.
The depth of the work is controlled by the operator acting on the tractor's hydraulic lifter.
This machine is supplied with 2 strong sieves with different meshes.
The machine is equipped with a propeller shaft with controlled force for the connection with the tractor’s power takeoff.
It is coated with a special alloy galvanized against corrosion.
TUTKUN beach cleaner is perfect to clean completely all types of waste: seashells, cigarette butts, tins, cans, bottles, glass shards, stones, tree branches, seaweed…
TUTKUN beach cleaning machine complies with CE regulations.
Tractor power 50-60 HP 4 WD
Capacity 6822/7500 m2/hour
Cleaning depth 15 cm
Cleaning width 140 cm
Working system Vibrating screen system
Storage capacity 350 lt
Discharge height 180-200 cm
Dimensions 220x160x155 cm
Weight 760 kg