PUMA stone crusher small dimensions and lower weight make it highly versatile and ideal for use in fields, greenhouses, sea coasts, vineyards, forest lands, orchards and industrial areas.
It is designed and built for agricultural soil reclamation in loose and superficial rock.
This machine crushes stones up to 20 cm and tills the soil with a max working depth of 20 cm.
The very strong frame, with efficient carbide tips and anti-wear hammer supports makes this stone crusher very wearresistant.
Technical requirements for operating this stone crusher are creeping speed (min 0.3 km / hr) and a hydraulics three point linkage tractor of a minimun 80 HP.

Working width  150cm 
Working depth  Max. 20 cm
Working speed  0,3-2 km/hr
Weight  1465 kg
Width  178 cm
Length   115 cm
Height  130 cm
Total number of hammers 34
Hammers feature  Boron Carbide
Inside coating  Hardox 
Hammers position  Helix
PTO speed 540 rpm
Rear door  Hydraulic
Oil pump power supply  Tractor
Required tractor  Min. 80 HP
Tractor features   Creeping speed